Turkish Society of Clinical Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition
News Date : 06/09/2014
3200 people from 92 countries attended 36th ESPEN Congress which was held on September 6-9, 2014 in Geneva.

A total of 732 abstracts were submitted and the leading country was Japan with 113 abstracts.

KEPAN Society supported 11 young researchers with full sponsorship. Turkey was at the 8th place in terms of number of abstracts presented.

Young researchers and their abstracts supported by KEPAN:
1. Eylül Damla Çıracıoğlu (Fluid intake of healthcare professionals in Turkey)
2. Kübra Tel Adıgüzel (Determination of nutritional status in children with cerebral palsy)
3. Aslı Tufan (A reference population to define muscle mass and function cut-off points in Turkey for sarcopenia)
4. Mehmet Emin Kuyumcu (Ultrasonographic evaluation of muscle architecture in older adults with sarcopenia)
5. Serkan Fatih Yeğen (Comparison of perioperative standart and immunomodulating enteral nutrition in surgical patients: A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial)
6. Ahmet Oğuzhan Küçük (The effects of hypocaloric underfeeding in adult ICU patients)
7. Esma Asil (Depression levels of college students and their relation with anthropometric measures)
8. Ceyda Tuğba Pekmez (Impact of Disease activity on body composition among Turkish children with inflammatory bowel disease)
9. Birkan İlhan (Prevalence of sarcopenia in community-dwelling outpatient older people in Turkey and its relation funtional status)
10. Cansu Cetin (Determination of the preoperative malnutrition risk in the cardiac surgery patients)
11. Gülşah Kaner (Iron deficiency anemia, dietary pattern and chronic inflammation markers in overweight and obese women and effect of dietary treatment)

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