Turkish Society of Clinical Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition
News Date : 12/07/2014
ENHA (http://www.european-nutrition.org/) platform, including ESPEN, EUGMS, MNI and other various institutions within itself, started the “Optimal Nutrition Care for All” campaign.

Main aim of the project was detecting disease-related malnutrition and its treatment, and project’s 4 target country in 2014 was specified as Croatia, Germany, Spain and Turkey by ENHA. KEPAN Society held its first meeting within the scope of the project with the attendance of nutrition industry representatives including ENHA general secretary Frank de Man.

After holding a coordination meeting with the stakeholders who will be expected to support the project in the forthcoming days, the project is expected to gain momentum after the meeting that will be held on November 4-5th in Brussells with the attendance of ENHA authorities, 4 country representatives together with supervisor countries.

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